Meet Who's Leading the Charge

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Julie and Mallory

Each with 3 children, Julie and Mallory connected over their shared interest in keeping backyard hens due to the enormous benefits to the environment, their town, and their families, but were frustrated by the outdated and uninformed ordinance against it.

Driven by the desire to create a more sustainable future for her children, Julie began to spread the word through her Facebook Page "Palatine CLUCK".

Julie began to gain traction as people continued to search for information on caring for backyard hens in Palatine and came across her page. She began a petition asking for volunteers, earning the interest of over 50 people willing to dedicate their to time for the effort, and hundreds more signing the petition in support of moving the issue forward.

Focus on Positive Change

Julie and Mallory's focus is to educate the Palatine community of the benefits of caring for backyard hens, to help dispel myths about caring for the animals in suburban environments, and to focus on the positive effects the change in ordinance will bring to their community.

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