Who's Got Hens?

There are many neighboring towns that allow residents to have backyard hens.

2-6 hens permitted and rodent proof feed containers are required.

rolling meadows.jpeg

Up to 4 hens allowed. 100 Permit Cap. Must notify neighbors 14 days before applying for a permit. 

des plaines.jpeg

2-6 hens allowed. Must be little to no accumulation of waste. 

Villa Park IL.jpeg

Up to 6 hens allowed. Yard must be fenced and coop 5 feet from the property line.

st charles.jpeg

2-4 hens and no roosters. Pilot program proved that neighbors that were once wary came around.

elgin, .png

Up to 4 hens allowed. Only single family residences may have hens. 


Up to 6 hens may be cared for and a coop must be situated 10ft. from an occupied residence. 

highland park.jpeg

Up to 3 hens allowed since ordinance passed in 2011.


Up to 8 hens allowed. Setback of 30ft from occupied residence.

Batavia sign_edited.jpg

6 Hens permitted. Minimum lot size of 6k sf. 


No limitations or restrictions on backyard hen keeeping.

prospect heights.jpeg

Up to 4 hens allowed. Chickens may roam in a fenced yard if watched over by their owners.

western springs.jpeg

Up to 6 hens may be cared for and coops must be situated 10ft from an occupied residence.

welcome to evanston.jpeg

Up to 2 hens permitted as long as conditions are met.

oak park.jpeg

Up to 8 hens allowed. Coop must be kept clean and sanitary at all times.


2-4 hens permitted and each hen must have 6sf of space. 


Up to 4 hens and a coop must be situated 10ft. from the lot line. 6,000 square ft lot minimum.


Up to 4 hens allowed. Setback of 10ft from property line.

West Dundee.jpeg

No restrictions. Barrington Hills prioritizes property owner rights and freedom.

Barrington Hills Village sign.jpeg

Unsure of the max #. Just passed.


and there are many more we could not list...